How Do You Like Iceland
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How Do You Like Iceland

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The first thing every traveller should do is to make a travel plan and leave it with someone who can react. ICE-SAR The Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue offers you to send them the information needed to start search or rescue, in case something happens while you’re on you trip. They also offer trip monitoring.




Icelandic met Office


Icelandic weather is notoriously unpredictable and can change in a matter of minutes. That is why it is very important to check the weather forecast regularly when you travel inn Iceland.






The best way to get information about road conditions and the weather on the road system in Iceland is to call 1777. The phone line is open from 8:00-16:00 in summer and 6:30-22:00 in winter.  For an English answering machine with similar road information is in phone number 1778.




112 appThe 112 Iceland app can be used for two things, both for added safety on your Iceland trip.

First of all you can call for help by pressing the red Emergency button. Your location will be sent by text message to the 112 response center. Remember that even though your phone shows no signal there is a possibility that you can send text message.

The green Check In button is for you to leave your location with the emergency authorities. this information will be used in case of emergency to track your location.  Here you can download the app for Android phones, Windows phones and iPhone.