How Do You Like Iceland
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How Do You Like Iceland
How Do You Like Iceland is a fully licensed tour operator and a travel company based in Reykjavik, Iceland. We specialize in adventure, sightseeing and hiking tours. We aim to provide the best service possible to make your vacation the unforgettable experience of a lifetime.
In addition to our scheduled day tours, we can also arrange custom private tours for our clients.



Steinn: He has actually built a rocket! A skilled mechanic, if there´s a problem, Steinn can fix it! He has explored Iceland using any means he could, from hiking to dirt bikes and 4x4s, but he´s at his best when he´s in the highlands of Iceland. He is an active member of the Icelandic search and rescue team.



Sindri: As an avid adventurer, Sindri has saved turtles in Costa Rica, learned diving in Panama, and spent time as an Au-pair in Norway. He is a passionate fisherman who thrives on a challenge; If there’s a fish somewhere, Sindri will find it!